Paltej Architects is a young design consultancy group. We are a team of architects, planners and interior designers, experts in addressing to all kinds of design issues efficiently and innovatively. With us you are assured of a holistic design solution adhering to our philosophy that says designing - A continuous process till the smallest possible detail is fathomed to fullest for filling the needs of a quality life.

Our team of professionals provide one stop solution in the field of Architecture, Interior Design and Planning. We are experts in using GIS and imagery for Urban Design and Planning.


Our mission is to provide one stop design solution in the field of architecture/ Interior designing and urban planning. Reaching out to latest science and technology in various facet of designing from inception to completion is important to us in the continuous process of design development. 

We aspire towards green building and develop design solutions based on universal design concepts and automation. We focus on affordable and smart design solutions that make way of life comfortable and enjoyable.



Power of design shall trigger senses of art romantics and shall also reach out to influence lives of many who appreciate good way of living. 

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